AMS Defence supports the Australasian Land Forces Organisations with the supply, service and maintenance of Surveillance Radar Systems and Security and Monitoring Systems.

AMS Defence, as the appointed Sales and Service Agent for Kelvin Hughes Security Radar Systems are able to support the Battlefield Surveillance Radar. Kelvin Hughes SharpEye™ SxV X-Band Doppler radar is lightweight and quickly and easily deployed on a tripod, SMS (single mast solution) or vehicle for battlefield situational awareness.

The radar and control software can be used with any electro optic camera sensor and our innovative SMS (Single Mast Solution) which cleverly combines radar and electro optic camera sensors with slew to cue functionality on a single platform, providing discreet surveillance of an area.

AMS Defence are able to work with Kelvin Hughes to provide a radar based security solution for the protection of military base perimeters. Whether a Forward Operating Base (FOB), military installation or military airbase SharpEye™ SxV radar deployed on a Kelvin Hughes Single Mast Solution (SMS) combining electro optic slew to cue cameras provides 360-degree surveillance of a perimeter.

A radar security solution from Kelvin Hughes can provide tracking of friendly and hostile targets several kilometres out from the base perimeter, establishing an extended early warning perimeter

AMS Defence has designed a Surveillance and Safety Security systems that allows for the monitoring of strategic land and water areas with the ability to provide pin point accuracy for interdiction of unknown craft, vehicles and personnel that may or may not have entered into prohibited areas.

These systems have been deployed to aid test range areas that require free space to conduct live firings and to ensure the safety of both military personnel, military assets and civilian personnel.

In addition to supporting the detection of vessels, vehicles and personnel the Kelvin Hughes SharpEyeTM SxV can be adapted for UAV and Drone detection.

The Kelvin Hughes SharpEye™ SxV radar is highly sensitive and has been optimised for the detection of drones, quadcopters, Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). We provide complete radar based solutions for border and perimeter security and SharpEye™ with its ability to detect small low aerial targets even in clutter conditions makes it the ideal sensor to detect and provide early warning of the operation of drones.

Systems can be a single SharpEye™ SxV mobile radar or part of a multi radar and electro optic camera system deployed via our innovative Single Mast Solution (SMS) for mobile and semi-permanent requirements.

With a SharpEye™ radar as the primary detection sensor, security agencies are able to monitor and intercept threats from drones in remote and difficult to access locations and also easily move locations.

Complete single or multi node situational awareness can be developed through a Detect, Recognise, Identify and Classify methodology and the evolving picture controlled using the Kelvin Hughes control and interface software CxEye™.

AMS Defence is currently working with the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) – Land Systems Division for the support of a Surveillance and Safety Security System for one of Australia’s leading test areas.

AMS Defence provided a full turnkey solution that included the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance for the system that is used to monitor and reduce the risk of injury or damage during life firings.