AMS Defence supports the Australasian Land Forces Organisations with the supply, service and maintenance of Surveillance Radar Systems and Security and Monitoring Systems.

Blighter B400 series radars provide long-range area surveillance for bases in remote areas, where traditional security infrastructure is not available. A typical FOB surveillance system comprises of a containerised system with Blighter radar, long-range camera and thermal imager (electro-optic system), other remote sensors, power generation and an integrated command and control (C2) suite.

Situational Awareness is key to effective FOB surveillance and as such the Blighter radar can provide rapid scan times. Any movement is instantly detected and displayed on the C2 system without delays associated with traditional tracked outputs. Operators can react instantly, receiving constant positional updates as the target moves.

To reduce operator fatigue, the Blighter radar includes a numerous features to reduce unwanted or nuisance alarms from wind-blown vegetation and wildlife. Simple radar settings can adapt the radar to operate reliably in most environments and under all weather conditions.

The Blighter radar products are lightweight and robust making them suitable for installation on vehicles or stowed on vehicles for extended deployment by foot in backpacks. Blighter radars are well suited to conditions where minimal infrastructure is available. The standard Blighter radar uses the power consumption of a laptop computer enabling it to run from batteries for an extended period of time or optionally from solar or other renewable power. With all the smart signal processing performed within the Blighter radar unit, the data distribution requirements of Blighter are much lower than traditional radars allowing long range wireless communication links to send the radar data back to either the vehicle or the FOB.

For wide area protection using the Blighter radar, up to six portable B202 Mk 2 radars can be deployed remotely with their radar data relayed back through a wireless mesh system to the command and control station. As all the radars have an in-built GPS receiver and digital compass, they can automatically locate and orient themselves on the radar display, enabling the operator to rapidly set up and operate a wide area surveillance network.

AMS Defence has designed a Surveillance and Safety Security systems that allows for the monitoring of strategic land and water areas with the ability to provide pin point accuracy for interdiction of unknown craft, vehicles and personnel that may or may not have entered into prohibited areas.

These systems have been deployed to aid test range areas that require free space to conduct live firings and to ensure the safety of both military personnel, military assets and civilian personnel.

The Anti-UAV Defence System (AUDS) is designed to disrupt and neutralise Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) engaged in hostile airborne surveillance and potentially malicious activity.

AUDS combines electronic-scanning radar target detection, electro-optical (EO) tracking/classification and directional RF inhibition capability.

AUDS is a smart-sensor and effector package capable of remotely detecting small UAVs and then tracking and classifying them before providing the option to disrupt their activity. The system may be used in remote or urban areas to prevent UAVs being used for terrorist attacks, espionage or other malicious activities against sites with critical infrastructure.

The Blighter A400 series air security radars are able to detect small UAVs in all weather conditions, 24 hours a day flying in urban areas or near to the horizon. This is then integrated with a long-range colour camera and a high sensitivity Thermal Imager (TI), along with state-of-the-art video tracking technology. This enables the UAV target to be tracked and classified. The operator is then able to make a timely and informed decision to use the Enterprise Control Systems (‘ECS’) smart RF inhibitor to selectively interfere with the C2 channels on the UAV allowing the system to defeat the UAV’s mission. The smart RF inhibitor uses directional antennas to achieve maximum range of operation with minimum collateral effect.

AMS Defence is currently working with the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) – Land Systems Division for the support of a Surveillance and Safety Security System for one of Australia’s leading test areas.

AMS Defence provided a full turnkey solution that included the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance for the system that is used to monitor and reduce the risk of injury or damage during life firings.