Maintenance Management – Details

//Maintenance Management – Details
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Maintenance Management

Structures that support maritime Aids to Navigation usually represent the single largest investment by an asset owner, this includes buoys, towers, piles, composite structures and heritage listed lighthouses.
AMS Maritime holds multiple turnkey contracts for the management of over 600 specialised remote marine assets and is able to draw on an extensive vein of experience and knowledge to apply industry best practice to the inspection, assessment, maintenance and repair of marine assets; thereby extending the life of the assets and reducing unforeseen breakdowns by implementing proper maintenance strategies.
AMS Maritime’s unparalleled knowledge and experience in asset management can benefit your organization in many ways such as;

  • demonstrated compliance with Australian and International Industry Standards, in addition to the requirements and wishes of stakeholders;
  • better financial results because of better ROI and/or cost reduction;
  • informed decisions from multiple angles, such as performance, profit and costs versus risks reduction and opportunities;
  • risk management and reduction when achievable and ability to accept and manage residual risk when acceptable;
  • higher customer satisfaction;
  • decisions also based on entire life cycle of assets (also when this exceeds the duration of other plans and equipment life);
  • improved reputation towards your stakeholders;
  • demonstrated compliance with regulation and legislation;
  • traceability of decisions;
  • improved knowledge management; and increased attractiveness for shareholders.

In the Maritime and Defence domain, effective asset management is critical for long-term success. Throughout the whole life cycle, from inception up to and including disposal and all phases in between, AMS Maritime’s approach enables organisations to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and improve service quality/throughput without compromising short-medium term performance and long term risk.

AMS Maritime has achieved over 99.9% availability across all assets and systems.