AMS Maritime, is Australia’s trusted leader in the Design, Integration, Installation and Maintenance of Vessel Tracking Systems, Maritime Traffic Management Systems Shore Based AIS Monitoring Systems and development of E-Navigation solutions.
With over 16 years’ experience working with the world leaders in technology, such as Saab Maritime, Kelvin Hughes Ltd, Kongsberg, AD Navigation and many others, AMS Maritime has developed the skills and experience to be trusted to deliver key critical safety and security infrastructure to Australia’s largest Ports as well as supporting safety and security of the Oil and Gas Platforms.

AMS Maritime is Australia’s leader in the design, installation and maintenance of whole of Port Vessel Traffic Information Management Systems (VTMIS) and Offshore Vessel Monitoring and Surveillance Systems for the Oil and Gas Industry.
The success of a Port or Oil/Gas Platform, is measured by its safety record, efficiency and availability to meet the needs of its stakeholders and the community. In order to achieve success; the Port Authorities and Administrative Organisations are required to manage and control the complex logistical processes that are conducted within the port such as ship movements, cargo handling and land and water infrastructure operation.
AMS Maritime, as Australia’s leading integrated Vessel Tracking Systems solutions developer, is able to work in detail with our clients to develop a solution that allows them to meet the needs of International Regulatory Organisations (IMO/IALA/NOPSEMA), Federal, State and Local Council Governments as well as ensuring they meet their commitments to limiting impact on the local community and environment.
AMS Maritime has substantial experience in developing low cost, budget conscious solutions through to the most challenging fully interconnected and integrated Vessel Traffic Information Management Systems that can provide whole of port awareness.
As an active member of IALA, AMS Maritime are able to develop solutions that not only meet the current IALA recommendations but also take into account future developments and implementation into an integrated E-Navigation Maritime domain.

AMS Maritime has worked with the world leading software developers and sensor manufacturers to develop solutions that can be tailored to meet the operational requirements of the Port, Platform or Organisation.
AMS Maritime is able to design, supply and maintain a fully functional and adaptive system that provides for multi-sensor target tracking, decision support, routing, traffic analysis, incident investigation and built in management information system (MIS).
As each Port or Platform is different and requires varying surveillance, detection monitoring requirements, AMS Maritime provides scalable solution’s that allows for future growth in both sensor and surveillance equipment as well as port operations and management interfaces.

To ensure both the port and offshore facility’s safety, efficiency and availability, the management of both identified and unidentified vessel movements regardless the time of day or weather conditions must be achieved.

General Characteristics

  • Multiple Operations Centre Capability
  • Multi-role working positions
  • Remote sensor targets
  • Precise Target tracking
  • Operator Training – simulator with identical functionality as operational system


  • Radars
  • AIS
  • Radio Direction Finders
  • Electro-Optical Systems (daylight and infrared)
  • Vehicle Tracking System

Working Position

  • Multiple screen support
  • Roles: Operator, Supervisor, Replay, Analysis, Remote, Maintenance


IALA V-128

AMS Maritime has been at the forefront of technological advances in E-Navigation. As Australia’s premier Aids to Navigation company, AMS Maritime has been the leader in Australia for the implementation of channel marking and management involving both visual and electronic navaids.
As a sitting member of the IALA E-Navigation, AMS Maritime is able to design, install and maintain cost saving alternative channel management systems that provides all-weather channel visibility and enhanced vessel safety.
As an experienced systems integrator representing and working on behalf of many of the world’s leading OEM vendors of E-Navigation components, AMS Maritime is fully cognizant of the sum of parts that go together to create an Operational System.  AMS Maritime also fully understands that combinations of these parts can be brought together in various permutations to create VTS / E-Navigation systems of varying complexity and capability, designed specifically to meet the operational, environmental, financial and technical needs of the end user.
Through the use of enhanced E-Navigation solutions, AMS Maritime is able to offer cost effective alternatives to the supply, installation and maintenance of traditional Aids to Navigation such as buoys and beacon whilst still achieving a safe and practical outcome.

As part of AMS Maritimes’ whole of port solutions, AMS Maritime with its trusted partner AD Navigation are able to provide Pilot Organisations and Shipping Stakeholders high-integrity and independent precise navigation equipment.
With demand from stakeholders on Port Operations and Organisations to grow and adapt to ever increasing ship sizes, the offset means that there is an ever-decreasing margin of error available to vessels moving and transiting within congested and confined waterways.
AMS Maritime, is able to offer the next generation Portable Pilot Units developed by the world leading AD Navigation. The AD Navigation Portable Pilot Unit Systems whether the XR Extreme or the DUO are the most accurate systems of their kind in the world.
As the world leader in Portable Pilot Units, AD Navigation and AMS Maritime have supplied some of Australia’s leading Pilot Organisations with both the AD XR PPUs and the DUO PPUs allowing them to safely navigate some of the world’s largest Bulk Gas and Iron Ore Carrier Vessels and Passenger Cruise Ships to enter and exit the pristine waterways surrounding the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and Ports.  
The AD Navigation Portable Pilot Units are more than just a navigation sensor, the PPU system can be adapted to be included in to the whole of port monitoring system by allowing the Pilot utilising the PPU system full Port situational awareness through the sharing of Port Vessel Tracking System target detection.

Current Projects

AMS Maritime have been engaged to design, supply, install, commission and maintain one of the largest and most complex Vessel Traffic Management Systems in Australia, Port Hedland.
AMS Maritime is working with Saab Technologies, Kelvin Hughes Ltd, Silent Sentinel and other trusted suppliers to provide a world class Vessel Traffic Management Information System that will allow for the safe passage of some of the largest bulk carrier ships entering and departing Australian Waters.
The Vessel Traffic Information Management System includes the world’s most advanced command and control system integrated with industry-leading radar, long-range closed-circuit TV and voice radio technology to manage and guide thousands of ship movements in and out of the tidally constrained port with precision.

AMS Maritime have been contracted to Chevron Australia to design, supply, install and test an upgraded Vessel Tracking System for the Barrow Island Gorgon Project.
AMS Maritime have worked closely with Chevron Australia during the design phase to develop a system that will provide an upgraded capability to the existing VTS System that was installed by AMS Maritime at the start of the construction project over seven years ago.
As part of the project AMS Maritime will again engage both Saab Technologies and Kelvin Hughes Ltd to supply the latest start of the art command and control software as well as utilise the next generation radar system, the SharpEyeTM developed by Kelvin Hughes Ltd.

AMS Maritime was engaged by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to provide an Automatic Identification System (AIS) monitoring system.
AMS Maritime with its Trusted Partner IMIS Global designed a system that allows AMSA the Australian Regulator for shipping the ability to monitor and track vessels around the coastline of Australia.
As part of the project AMS Maritime have conducted a rolling upgrade to the AIS Base Station Network that has increased the overall coverage and thus increasing the safety of the mariner when transiting through Australian Waters.