Chevron Australia

AMS Maritime is a long-term supplier of both complex integrated marine electronic systems as well as Aids to Navigation in support of Chevron Australia projects and operations in the North-West of Western Australia and the Tasman Sea in Bass Strait.

AMS Maritime has completed a number of projects in support of Chevron Australia both onshore and offshore with AMS Maritime designing, supplying and commissioning Vessel Tracking Systems in support of the Wheatstone Onshore LNG Facility and the Wheatstone LNG Offshore Platform Facility.

AMS Maritime is currently in the processes of upgrading the Barrow Island Gorgon Project Vessel Tracking System to the latest generation Saab Maritime Insight VTS Software.

AMS Maritime has been contracted to design, supply and commission the vessel tracking system to enable safe management and passage of vessels entering the pristine waters surrounding Barrow Island.

With the system being upgraded to the Saab Maritime Insight System integrated with the Kelvin Hughes SBS-800 SharpEyeTM Solid State Radar System at Barrow Island, Chevron Australia will have commonality of equipment and systems across all the three key LNG facility allowing for full interconnectivity and situational awareness if needed.

SNC Lavalin

As part of our support to the Gas and Oil Industry, AMS Maritime helps support the prime maintenance contractor to Chevron Australia, SNC Lavalin.

AMS Maritime is currently working with SNC Lavalin in providing technical maintenance and technical training for both Vessel Tracking Systems for the Offshore Oil and Gas Platforms as well as supporting them with maintenance activities for traditional Aids to Navigation equipment.

AMS Maritime has had a long-standing relationship with SNC Lavalin through Kentz Engineering and Construction that was acquired by SNC Lavalin in 2014.

AMS Maritime is currently working with SNC Lavalin in supporting the Vessel Tracking System installed on board the Wheatstone Offshore Processing Facility as the platform heads to towards completion of commissioning and the start of production.

Onshore, AMS Maritime is assisting SNC Lavalin in supporting both the current Vessel Tracking System installed at the Gorgon Project at Barrow Island but also supporting Aids to Navigation installed within the port region at Barrow Island.