Safeguarding Australia’s Critical Assets

AMS Group is an Australian owned private company.
We provide safe, secure, mission critical solutions
and services to government and industry.

We are technical management specialists; we design, install, maintain and refurbish critical infrastructure.

We deliver critical services that support trade, security and life support infrastructure.

More than 20% of our workforce is ex-Defence Force.
Experienced in remote environment, sensitive and time critical activities. Some examples of our work are:

Mission: To design & deliver solutions that protect & enhance Australia’s critical infrastructure


We are a service company.  We recruit, train and retain the best and brightest in their respective fields to offer unique solutions to our clients – government and big industry.  

We maintain numerous government critical infrastructure contracts throughout Australia with 99.5% uptime KPIs.   

We operate in Australia’s most remote locations.  From wave-sensing buoys in the Indian ocean, to tsunami warning beacons north of Fiji, to building satellite installations 1000 km South of Darwin… if its criticalwe do it 

We partner with the best technology providers and OEMs to design and deliver bespoke, robust technical solutions.

AMS has retained government critical infrastructure contracts for more than 20 years.  We work to tough KPIs and deliver on our promises. 

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