Our Clients

AMS Group is an Australian owned private company.
We provide safe, secure, mission critical solutions
and services to government and industry.

AMS safeguards Australia’s critical maritime assets by supporting AMSA through project work and three principal contracts:

  • Aids to Navigation – almost 500 navigational aids around Australia are monitored, maintained and repaired with a KPI requiring AMS to guarantee a 99.0% uptime, regardless of the remote location or distance from Australian shores.

  • Emergency Towage Capability – safeguarding the Great Barrier Reef from distressed or damaged shipping.

  • National Search & Rescue (SAR) – ensuring the ready supply of SAR equipment and comprehensive testing regime of life saving capabilities.

AMS supports the Australian Defence Forces with the supply, service and maintenance
of Surveillance Radar Systems and Security and Monitoring Systems.

  • AMS works with the Royal Australian Navy and the Warship Asset Management Agreement Alliance to improve the overall performance of the Navigational Radar Systems currently installed onboard the ANZAC-Class Fast Frigates.

  • AMS designed a surveillance and safety security system that allows the Department of Defence to monitor strategic land and water within a live firing training area. AMS provided a full turnkey solution that included the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance for the system.   The AMS solution enables Defence to provide pinpoint accuracy for interdiction of unknown craft, vehicles and personnel that may or may not have entered into prohibited areas.

AMS contracts to MSQ for two critical roles:

  • Pilotage of maritime shipping for the Brisbane Port Area consisting of over 5,000 movements per year.

  • The design, installation and maintenance of a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) for the entire 7,000km coast-line of Queensland, comprising 15 ports, state-wide sensor suites and multiple VTS control rooms.

AMS is responsible for the installation of strategic satellite facilities across remote areas of WA, SA and NT. This work includes the engineering, construction and fabrication of solar powered satellites that form a network of critical infrastructure across Australia and its remote island territories.

Mission: To design & deliver solutions that protect & enhance Australia’s critical infrastructure

AMS is a long-term supplier of both complex integrated marine electronic systems as well as Aids to Navigation in support of Chevron Australia projects and operations in the North-West of Western Australia and the Tasman Sea in Bass Strait. AMS has completed several projects in support of Chevron Australia both onshore and offshore with AMS designing, supplying and commissioning VTS in support of the Wheatstone Onshore LNG Facility and the Wheatstone LNG Offshore Platform Facility. AMS is upgrading the Barrow Island Gorgon Project VTS to the latest generation Saab Maritime Insight VTS Software and the Kelvin Hughes SharpEye Solid State Radar System. Through this bespoke design, Chevron Australia will have commonality of equipment and systems across all the three key LNG facilities allowing for full interconnectivity and situational awareness.

Transport Safety Victoria (TSV) is responsible for the maintenance of aids to navigation at 15 key coastal locations on the Victorian coastline and a number of waterways within Victoria. AMS manages a stringent maintenance program including remote monitoring, ensuring aids to navigation meet international standards (IALA) for reliability and availability for the safe navigation on these waterways. AMS also undertakes innovative upgrades and improvements to the TSV navigational aids network.

AMS manages and conducts the scheduled maintenance program for the Port of Newcastle’s asset inventory of 71 water and land navigation aids, ensuring the safe navigation within the Port of Newcastle. AMS provides a 24/7 emergency outage response service ensuring an uninterrupted operation to the Port of Newcastle’s commercial users. AMS also work closely with Port of Newcastle to identify innovative upgrades and improvements to the navigation network, including design, installation and maintenance.

Pilbara Ports Authority (PPA) operates 13 ports in the northwest of Australia. PPA oversees more than 8,000 individual vessel movements, moving more that 700 million tonnes of export product across its ports annually. AMS is a long-term strategic partner to PPA, delivering critical operational maritime awareness technology known as Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) that underpins safe vessel movements. AMS provides and supports VTS technology to PPA under two major contracts.

1.  Port Hedland

Port Hedland is the world’s largest bulk export port in the world. AMS delivered the largest Port VTS in Australia, including multi sensor (Radar, CCTV, Communications, Infrastructure, and the human machine interface). AMS provides 24/7/365 system availability assurance through a complex planned and unplanned maintenance activities.

2.  Port of Dampier

Port of Dampier is PPA’s second largest port and a major export gateway. Dampier was AMS’ first VTS solution in 2012. The VTS was used heavily to support the frenetic activity during the once in a generation Gorgon resources boom.  AMS delivered (Radar, CCTV, Communications, Infrastructure and the human machine interface). AMS provides 24/7/365 system availability assurance through a complex planned and unplanned maintenance activities.

Marine and Safety Tasmania (MAST) is responsible for all maritime safety issues, including facilities, licencing and Aids to Navigation (AtoN) in Tasmania. AMS has been a long-term partner delivering multiple contracts for planned and unplanned maintenance for all AtoN in Tasmania. MAST is responsible for the entire 4,882km of coastline, with beautiful yet challenging environments to execute the critical AtoN maintenance works. MAST entrusted the latest contract for AtoN reliability and operability to AMS in 2017 which potentially carries through to 2025