Our Staff

Our people are our greatest asset.

Our teams are client focused. We serve the client and deliver exceptional results.

We attract and retain the best and brightest and proudly employ ex-Defence Force personnel. AMSG is a fast paced, team-centred work environment focused on new technologies and innovative solutions to meet customer needs.

We engage with local indigenous communities through our work in remote locations around Australia.  This close relationship includes traineeships and increased collaboration with the Goenpul, Nugi and Noonuccal People from the Quandamooka region (Stradbroke Island & Moreton Bay areas).

AMSG is an equal opportunity company that is committed to the development of its employees regardless of background, nationality, creed, colour or orientation.

AMS Group core values are:

Innovation – We exist to support our customers.  We go beyond our job description to deliver.  We do what our competitors consider too hard, or not my job.

Accountability – We do what we say.  We deliver.  We are accountable for the position we hold and the responsibilities that come with that role.  We understand we are part of a team and people are relying on us as individuals.

Respect – We accept difference of opinion and acknowledge everyone has different experiences and stuff going on in their lives – everyday.   We care about the importance of family, the welfare of our workmates, the success of the company and the satisfaction of our customers.

Excellence – We care about the outcomes we produce. We strive for quality because we are professionals and we have respect for our customers that keep us employed.

The Core Values are how we recruit, performance manage and drive the behaviours we want in our company.  It is OUR company.  By setting standards and holding others accountable for their actions, AMS becomes an employer of choice and a workplace of enjoyment; where good culture drives performance.

The company Code of Conduct defines what is expected and what is not tolerated.

AMSG Code of Conduct

  1. We all clean the sheds.  We all have a role in the organisation. Occasionally to get the job done, we need everyone to chip in, operate outside their job description and do what is required.
  2. Check your ego at the door.  Stupid decisions, self-interest above the team and blatant disregard for rules will not be tolerated.
  3. Champions do more.  Innovate, lead by example.  Impress the customer. Then leave AMS in a better position for the next generation.
  4. Be a role model.  Be someone that others look up to.  Be it your kids, work mates or our competition.