Sustainability & Social Impact

Heritage Listed Sites
AMS manages the complex maintenance of heritage lighthouses throughout Australia and is responsible for ensuring they remain operational and compliant with international standards.

This requires significant craftmanship to rebuild and restore antique operational working parts. Where permissible, latest technologies are installed without affecting the heritage aspects of the site. This often involves the removal of hazardous materials in extremely environmentally sensitive areas and replacing with modern technologies.

New technologies

  • AMS has developed an environmentally sensitive vehicle to access atolls and sand islands on the Great Barrier Reef, minimising our footprint whilst performing critical safety tasks.
  • AMS is developing alternative power generation, storage and monitoring capabilities to support remote critical assets requiring power and 99.5% uptime availability in harsh environmental conditions.
  • AMS is progressing toward reduced power consumption systems together with migration to renewable energy.
  • AMS is leveraging next generation light sources and optics to reduce carbon emissions and the energy required to light traditional shipping lanes.

New career opportunities

Having recently commenced sea pilotage services in Brisbane Port, AMS is proud to be the first Australian company to offer new career opportunities in pilotage to Master Mariners and Navy personnel without having to restart a maritime career from the bottom rung.  Through a dedicated training and mentoring program, experts from other maritime services can now streamline into pilotage – traditionally a closed shop controlled by pilots.

AMS actively recruits ex-Defence Force personnel as they are proven to be resilient, intuitive and innovative; qualities of AMS personnel operating in challenging environments to strict KPIs and high customer expectations. 

Local small businesses

AMS operates throughout remote and regional Australia.  We actively engage local suppliers and contractors to deliver specialised and generic services in support of our operations.  We are proud to support local businesses.

Indigenous engagement

AMS performs 80% of its work in regional and remote locations, which is almost always on the traditional lands of Australia’s First Nation people.  AMS has a dedicated indigenous training program for its employees and actively engages indigenous companies wherever possible to support localised service delivery.

AMS is headquartered in Brisbane.  Our local First Nation’s people are the Goenpul, Nugi and Noonuccal traditional owners from the Quandamooka region.  Their ancestors have inhabited Stradbroke Island and Moreton Bay for 60,000 years, so it is highly appropriate that AMS’ pilotage services through Moreton Bay actively engages the local talent. 

AMS provides a perpetual four traineeships for Quandamooka descendants to obtain a mariner’s licence which will provide a life-long career on the sea.  There are also other critical roles being discussed with the Elders for commencement in 2022. 

Proudly, the AMS pilot boats are each named after the four winds that are common to the local region; Timbin, Buran, Mirigan and Winjiya.